Liquid Egg Whites

Discover our quality egg whites to bring out the best in your culinary creations! Sourced from carefully selected fresh eggs, our product stands out for its purity, totally free of yolk particles. You can easily incorporate it into your recipes to create dishes as delicious as they are nutritious in a snap. Available in different formats (see bottom of the page).


  • Foaming agent—aerates and improves structure
  • Clarifying agent
  • Crystallizing agent—helps prevent sugar crystallization and stabilizes oil/water emulsions
  • Glazed finish, gloss and shine


  • 250 ml of egg white comes out to 8 to 10 large whites
  • Eliminates the need to break the egg and separate the white from the yolk


  • Cost for the white only, not the whole egg
  • Time-saving
  • Cheaper per kilogram than shell eggs


  • Pasteurized

Suggested uses

Foaming agent
  • Perfect meringues, thanks to egg whites totally free of yolk particles
  • Creamy soufflés
  • Light, velvety mousse
Clarifying agent
  • Softens tannins and removes particles from red wine
  • Improves beverage texture and stability (cocktails, juices)
Crystallizing agent
  • Helps prevent sugar crystallization in certain desserts, e.g. caramel custard
  • Helps stabilize emulsions for perfect vinaigrettes and sauces

Other suggested uses

  • High-gloss sheen to finish off pastries, tarts, viennoiseries, etc.
  • Cake icing

All our products are Kosher and SQF certified

Shelf life and storage

Shelf life varies according to packaging format.

365 Days

28-70 Days

Between 28 and 70 days, depending on packaging.

10 Days

Allow 72 to 96 hours in the refrigerator for thawing.
Once thawed, keep refrigerated for 10 days.


Keep refrigerated.

Available in these formats

1 kg
10 kg & 20 kg
18 kg
900 kg & 1000 kg

Product sheet and documentation

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