Hard-Boiled Eggs

Discover our carefully selected and perfectly cooked hard-boiled eggs, with their firm texture and deliciously creamy yolk. Our hard-boiled eggs are a convenient and nutritious option that saves you the hassle of cooking and peeling. Available in different formats (see bottom of the page).


  • Ready to eat—quick, high-protein snack
  • 100% egg functionality preserved during processing


  • Eggs always cooked to perfection
  • Quick, high-protein snack
  • Available in different types of packaging to suit your needs (vacuum-packed, pickled, single-serve for resale and industrial packaging)


  • Time-saving—already cooked and out of the shell
  • No waste


  • Technology that gives them a longer shelf life than homemade products

Suggested uses

  • Egg salads
  • Sandwiches
  • Sliced on avocado toast, etc.

All our products are Kosher and SQF certified

Shelf-life and storage

Variable shelf life depending on packaging format.

45-70 Days

Between 45 and 70 days,
depending on packaging.

Available in these formats

Express 1 pack
Express 2 pack
Express 6 x 12
Express 12 x 12
10 kg
3.8 kg
10 kg

Product sheet and documentation

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